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& Development University of Agder Programmer C# in Unity 2020
3D Modeller 3D Modelling

Another school assignment, where we had been introduced for the first time for 3D game development in the program Unity. We had to learn C# and involve our experience with 3D modelling to complete this project.

The Goal itself for the assignment was to create a game of our choice. We wanted to test ourselves and see how good we could replicate “Fall guys” in a weeks time frame. This is what we managed to create, it’s a single player or multiplayer game, where you can use controllers to control the players. The goal is to be the fastet man to reach the goal line. It spawns “Speed Boosts” and “Slow down Boosts” that affects the opposite player. The game counts the amount of time spent and saves the time records in a file, so that you’ll always have your Highscore.

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