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Cave Attack University of Agder Designer Game Design 2019
& Developer

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Game development, web development, promo video
and graphic design of the game Cave Attack.

Welcome to my biggest project so far in my career. This is my bachelor project. We were two students working on this project together, Lars-Otto and Tony Bergholtz.

Cave Attack is a Web Browser Javascript game that we made for our Bachelor Assignment. We started all the way from the bottom, and we designed every single asset. The project is made up by a few parts:

– Website Design and Development
– Graphic Design
– Game Design and Development
– Video editing and Special Effects

We made a full game with 6 different levels including scripted bossfights. The game is hidden behind a login portal. So you’ll have to register account on the website to be able to play. When your account is registered all the game statistics, records, currency, data etc. gets saved to your account so that you never lose progress.

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