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Year: Designer WordPress 2020
& Developer Beaver Builder is a project that I’m very proud of. It’s a project for one of my customers at Mediabooster AS and I was very lucky to be able to work with their future minded owner Roman.

I was asked to create a brand new logo and a complete website for their business. For the logo i wanted to create something simple, futuristic and modern. I was also asked to keep their original brand colors, red and grey. At last but not least it was desired to have some sort of icon to represent their services.

From that description, the above logo was made. The icon on the left is representing transport boxes and the font itself has a modern and clean look to it. When it comes to the website, I had a lot of freedom. I decided to create a fixed menu that hides when scrolling down, and opens ups when scrolling up. This is a modern touch that I’ve seen on a lot of websites lately, one example being The customer also wanted a way for his customers to calculate the measurements of their moving goods. For that, I created the “Movingcalculator”, which is a calculator i made with Javascript. It gives the users 45 different items they can add up together and the calculator will calculate its total volume. When the users have added the items to the calculator, the result gets automaticly added to the contact form. Since release we’ve had over 300 users using my calculator, which is a very big achievement for me as a programmer.   

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